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ID #:   39272167
Title:   This information available to subscribers only. For more information click here
Description:   What statement best applies to you when thinking about buying an eco-friendly product option in the supermarket or retailer? (I will buy the eco-friendly option even if it’s more expensive, I prefer to buy eco-friendly products, but they are more expensive, I buy whatever is cheaper/better value for the money, I do not like or buy eco-friendly products)

How concerned are you about the following environmental issues? (Water pollution (water quality), Air pollution, (air quality), Packaging waste, Climate change/global warming, Use of pesticides, Water shortages

Thinking about manufacturers/retailers of grocery products, how influential are sustainable practices to where you shop and what you buy? How important is it for you that companies implement programs to improve the environment?

Do you believe the following sustainable products are having a positive impact on the environment? Products with little or no packaging, Energy efficient products or appliances, Products that haven’t travelled long distances to get to the store, Locally made products [locally grown], Products bought from a Farmers' Market, Ethically produced or grown products, Organic products, Products that have not been tested on animals, Fair trade products [green consumers]

What is your biggest concern over the next 6 months? (Increasing fuel prices [gasoline prices], Health, Increasing food prices, The economy, Increasing utility bills (electricity, gas, heating), Debt, job security, work-life balance, Global warming

Pub Date:   9/1/2011
Location Type:   ARCHIVE
Geography:   Canada
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Posted/Updated:   8/2/2013