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ID #:   39272023
Title:   This information available to subscribers only. For more information click here
Description:   Survey of Canadians on the economy and the environment. Includes: How would you describe the state of the Canadian economy, Expectation for economy in 1 year [Consumer Confidence], Assessment of personal finances

Issues of the greatest importance (e.g. Health care system, gasoline prices, Adequate pensions, State of economy, Unemployment, ethics of gov., The environment, Canadian dollar) 2008 vs.2011

Concern about the environment? Importance of specific environmental issues (Keeping our fresh water clean [Water Quality], Conserving the supply of freshwater, Ensuring the cost of food staples stay low, Reducing excess waste and garbage, Reducing smog or air pollution [Air Quality], Protecting wilderness areas, Preserving wildlife and endangered species, Promoting locally grown food, Combating climate change, Stopping genetically modified food)

How strongly motivated are you to make personal changes that would benefit the environment? When you are making purchases do you think about the environmental impact?

Types of environmental consumers (Strong environmental buyers, Moderates, Unconvinced)

Environmental behaviors (Recycled all paper/cans/plastic products, Used fewer plastic shopping bags, Bought energy efficient appliances, Turned down the heat/a.c. in your house, Set appliances to energy saving, Stopped using pesticides, Drove your car/vehicle less, Stop or reduce drinking bottled water, Changed household cleaning products, Bought locally grown food, Switched to a more fuel efficient car, Used public transit more often, Used Compact Florescent Light bulbs, Installed a solar powered water heater, Bought organic food, Put investments in ethical funds)

Effect of corporate actions on likelihood of buying their products, Attitudes towards green marketing [green consumers]

Pub Date:   8/17/2011
Location Type:   Online
Geography:   Canada
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Posted/Updated:   8/17/2011