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ID #:   39271749
Title:   This information available to subscribers only. For more information click here
Description:   % of small business owners say their business would be in a much better position if they could spend more time doing what they're good at, % of every day is focused on activities they don't consider core to their business, % report that they can't concentrate on growing their business because they are spending too much time running it.

Non-core tasks small business owners are taking on themselves - % report: secretarial work [virtual assistant], technical support, office/property repairs and cleaning, own website construction [web design]

% of small business owners don't want to give up control over any aspect of their business, desire to maintain quality, reluctant to spend the time it takes to hire and manage outsourced contractors, outsourcing is too expensive % say they waste a lot of time doing things that other people would be more qualified to do

% of small businesses have actually hired help for at least one task in the last six months - % hired help for: Business taxes, Website construction/maintenance, Technical support.

Of those who have embraced outsourcing, % cited the main reason as the recognition that other people are more qualified to do the work, say their time is best spent focusing on things they do best

% identified growth as their main priority over the next six months, % willing to take significant or above average risks in the next six months, % are seeing an improvement in their business, % are still experiencing a downturn, % hopeful that business will get better [business confidence]

Pub Date:   6/14/2011
Location Type:   Online
Geography:   Canada
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Posted/Updated:   6/14/2011