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ID #:   39270958
Title:   This information available to subscribers only. For more information click here
Description:   Over the course of an average week, how often do you visit video-sharing websites (such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Truveo, etc.), When you visit these websites, what kind of videos do you watch? (Original videos posted by users, Music videos from pop/rock groups, Music videos from pop/rock groups, Highlights from professional sporting events, TV ads, Other)

Have you ever forwarded a video link to a coworker, friend or relative? Have you ever received a video link from a coworker, friend or relative? [social networking sites, online TV]

Pub Date:   12/14/2010
Location Type:   Online
Geography:   Canada, UK, US
Hyperlink 1:   $6 for full access.
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Posted/Updated:   12/14/2010