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ID #:   39272506
Title:   This information available to subscribers only. For more information click here
Description:   Survey of Christmas decorating & other activities. Includes: How do you typically wrap your Christmas gifts? (wrapping paper, re-usable bags, recyclable wrapping paper, no wrapping), What do you do with gift wrap once the presents are opened? (recycle it, throw it out, save it for future use, burn it)

What type of Christmas cards will you send this year? (paper Christmas cards, e-cards (digital cards), handwritten letter, other, none)

. Did you know you can recycle Christmas trees? What type of Christmas lights do you use to decorate your tree and home? (LED lights, traditional incandescent lights, none)

When Christmas shopping at the mall, do you typically- bring your own reusable bag, buy plastics bags, purchase reusable bags, buy paper bags

Does your community have a Christmas tree recycling program? Do you purchase recycled wrapping paper? When entertaining, do you use disposable forms of any of the following products? (napkins, plates, cups, cutlery)

What do you do with holiday dinner table scraps? (throw them in garbage, compost them)

Results by province, gender, age group, income, presence of children, education

Pub Date:   12/7/2011
Location Type:   Online
Geography:   Canada, provinces
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Posted/Updated:   12/7/2011