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ID #:   39272283
Title:   This information available to subscribers only. For more information click here
Description:   Survey on Socially Responsible Investments (SRIs). Includes: To what extent would you say you are familiar with a category of financial investment products referred to as Socially Responsible Investments (SRIs), Do you currently hold any SRI investments? Which of the following best describes your level of interest in this category of financial instrument?

Which of the following best describes how the topic of Socially Responsible investment products came up in discussion with a financial advisor? (raised topic myself, financial advisor raised topic), Which of the following best describes the advisor's comments with regard to SRIs? (positive & recommended, positive but not recommended, negative)

Level of satisfaction with the performance of the SRI financial products currently in your portfolio, Impact if an SRI fund offered a guarantee in terms of capital protection, Perceptions of SRI funds

Results by province, financial advisor usage, investment net worth [green consumers]

Pub Date:   10/27/2011
Location Type:   Online
Geography:   Canada, provinces
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Posted/Updated:   10/27/2011