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ID #:   39271461
Title:   This information available to subscribers only. For more information click here
Description:   % of Canadians claim to limit their use of electricity, % recycle, % are willing to pay extra for products that are more environmentally friendly [green consumers]

% of Canadians are tired of being lectured to by environmentalists (2010 vs. 2011), % say that eco-friendly statements like "ecological footprint" and "sustainable development" are important when they select a product.

% of Canadians do not have any reusable bags, % have so many that they have stopped counting them, % are greatly or somewhat influenced by the environmental steps taken by a manufacturer or merchant in their decision to buy or not to buy a product.

% believe that putting recyclable or compostable materials in the selective recycling bin is the gesture that has the greatest positive impact on the environment, % believe it is limiting the use of fertilizers and pesticides

% are tired of over-packaged products

Pub Date:   4/18/2011
Location Type:   Online
Geography:   Canada
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Posted/Updated:   4/18/2011