5 Aplikasi Pengenalan Judul Lagu Android

5 Song Title Detection app on Android

Everyone in this world, would love to listen to music download lagu sheila on 7 their Android smartphone. Moreover, Android smartphone is now embedded large internal memory, so you are more flexible to include a variety of songs to be heard.

If you feel that listening to songs is less exciting, you can do other exciting things using your smartphone. One is to track the title of the song with a music detection app on Android that you can download lagu for free. Curious?

5 Song Title Detection app on Android

1. Shazam

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Shazam is a music app that lets you detect music along with song titles and singers at once. Of course, this application is very easy to use. You only need to do some tapping then you can find the title of the song being played.

In addition, to use it, you just need to bring the smartphone closer to the speaker . Actually do not need very close, only if within a short distance, then the smartphone can detect it more accurately again.

2. MusiXMatch

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Application to detect music this one also serves to play the song you want to hear. In addition, you can also display the lyrics of the song you want to hear. Do not worry about the display interface, because the displayed UI is very friendly.

Well, pull it back when you forget the title of the song you’re listening to, you just need to write down the lyrics of the song you’re listening to. Later, the MusiXMatch app will track the music and will display the title and its singers.

3. SoundHound

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Another song detection app on Android that you can rely on is SoundHound . If you sing a song but forget the title of the song and you just remember a few pieces of the lyrics, you can sing the song with the lyrics you remember, then boom ! This app will find what song you sing with a mediocre voice.

SoundHound itself is not too much different with the application of Shazam . However, some people judge that SoundHound is more accurate and faster in search of a song. There are many other features available in SoundHound . You do not hesitate to try it yes! 

4. HOUND Voice Search & Assistant

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HOUND Voice Search & Assistant app is a lighter app than SoundHound. Applications that can detect this music is a title song search application that is very convenient to use. You can type a song title, or use this app to listen to music to be able to guess the title of the song you want to know.

In addition to the title track, you will also be shown information about the music as to who the name of the artist as well as giving a complete biography of the artist who sang the song. Anyway, this app will work like Siri or Google Now . Interesting right?

5. SpotsSearch

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If you are a loyal user of the Spotify app , you can use SpotSearch to track the songs you want to hear. The music detector on Android is connected to Spotify. So when you’ve found the song you want to search, SpotSearch lets you listen in full at Spotify.

The SpotSearch app allows you to search for songs by typing the lyrics ( lyric ) instead. After that, as mentioned above, you will be able to listen to music from Spotify. If you do not use the premium version, then this app will connect you to the YouTube version.

So which music detection app do you like to play on your favorite Android smartphone? Give your opinion and comment on the comment field below.

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